Rave Suspenders

Rave Suspenders

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Our RAVE SUSPENDERS hold your pants up, until you drop ‘em like they’re hot. From your waist to your shoulders and back down the other side, the RAVE LINE lighting system will keep all eyes where they belong - on YOU. 

ATTENTION: RAVE SUSPENDERS are adjustable for all shapes and sizes of BREEDWELL men, and can transform into three different styles to keep your look fresh. Here's an easy trick to see if the RAVE SUSPENDERS are right for you: put on a pair of pants then measure the distance between the belt loop in middle of your back to one of the belt loops on the front (over your shoulders of course). If you measure 45" to 52", the suspenders will fit! 

As part of our RAVE LINE, the RAVE SUSPENDERS feature a brand new LED IOD lighting system - that’s the technical term for “dim the lights and get the party started."

Visit our YouTube Channel to see the suspenders in action.

RAVE products light up in 9 color modes - red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, white, teal, and orange - in a soft pulsing pattern that mimics the movement of breathing. In addition, the line comes with three animation modes - scrolling, rainbow, and color-shift. This new technology has a longer-lasting battery that’ll keep you lighting up the night for up to eight to ten hours. Last but not least, the RAVE LINE is embedded in a white ribbon setting, which means it can pair with any piece of BREEDWELL gear.

User guide and care instructions