Rave Pouch

Rave Pouch

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Our RAVE GLOW POUCH, which can be attached to our BREEDCORE, JOCK SYSTEMS, transforms the classic jock into a light show with dozens of color combination possibilities. The junk in your jock has a mind of its own and a story to tell, let us help you tell it using nine different colors and three animation modes. 

As part of our RAVE LINE, the RAVE GLOW POUCH features a brand new LED IOD lighting system - that’s the technical term for “dim the lights and get the party started."

Visit our YouTube Channel to see the pouch in action.

All RAVE products light up in 9 color modes - red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, white, teal, and orange - in a soft pulsing pattern that mimics the movement of breathing. In addition, the line comes with three animation modes - scrolling, rainbow, and color-shift. This new technology has a longer-lasting battery that’ll keep you lighting up the night for up to eight to ten hours. 

User guide and care instructions