Cockring Strap
Cockring Strap

Cockring Strap

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Our Cock Strap keeps your junk locked down and linked to your Breedwell GLOW Cross Harness or Bulldog Harness.  Every move makes your dick throb. Hit the dance floor hard.

Our Cock Strap is constructed from the same premium, dual-layer canvas straps we use in all Breedwell gear. Over the canvas is a strip of premium black leather. At the base are two snaps, at top are three,  allowing for variety of lengths adjustments.

Our straps come in 3 sizes with multiple snaps, allowing for a variety of body shapes to wear with ease and confidence. The full effect is an arrow straight down from your harness to your dick.

SPECS: Includes one Cock Strap.


Adjustable size. 3 sizes available. To figure out which size works best for you, measure the distance from the D-ring on the chest strap of your BULLDOG Harness, or the full front ring on your CROSS Harness, to the top of your cockring.

S/M    adjustable from 10 to 13 inches

L/XL    adjustable from 12 to 15 inches

2XL/3XL adjustable from 14 to 17 inches

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 CARE: Wipe clean using any mild household cleaner. Do not machine wash. Towel dry and lay flat in a warm location and allow to air dry before storing.